Netent is one of the leaders in the online gaming industry right now. You can enjoy up to 200 different slots and games on this website offered by top international casino sites. ensures that the games you pick are unique, very interesting to play, and offer you a fair gaming ground. Hansel and Gretel is one of the top-grossing slot games offered by this brand.

The unique features of this slot game

This slot game is a 3-row game that also comes with 5 reels. The game has multiple levels and takes you into deep forests and close to mythical creatures. If you have grown up listening to popular fairy tales, there is no way you have missed knowing the story of Hansel and Gretel. This sjves slot game is based on this story and is super engaging.

All through the game, you will find fairies coming in to shower you with free gifts, free spins, and bonuses. All you have to do is press the spin button. It will take you to a wonderland filled with magic. Features like wild substitutions, stacked wild, and re-spins make playing very entertaining. Here are some other features that are very unique to the game.

  • The game has a high Return To Player percentage (96.71%)
  • The risk factor (volatility) of the game is low-medium
  • The game is filled with awesome graphics and sound effects

When the Return To Player percentage is high, your chances of winning are better. Volatility measures how risky it is depositing your money for the game. Games with lower volatility are easier to play for beginners. Many players choose this game for the great graphical backup it has. Starting from the backgrounds to the special effects while spinning, you will be in awe with the game from the beginning.

Who will love playing this game?

Slot games are for players who are looking for some entertainment while they make money. Winning a slot game is purely based on your luck. Therefore, any day you feel especially lucky, try this game out. Thanks to the awesome bonuses that you keep getting, you will never lose more money than you can afford. Winnings are common with this game. This game is also for people who love fairytales.

Making use of Random Features

One very important feature of the game that players absolutely love is its Random Features. Random Features mean that you get random bonuses and free spin offers when you least expect them. The game is designed in a way that even after you lose a round, you will be offered a free spin or a chest full of coins to continue playing. This unexpected feature makes it super awesome.


Making the most out of winning Hansel and Gretel

There is one thing you need to remember playing the Hansel and Gretel game. This is purely an entertainment game that also gives you scope to make money. You should not be considering it a money-making gambling option. This will bring down the excitement of the game altogether. Here are some ways you can look at the game for what it is and enjoy playing.

  • Start with minimum bets
  • Do not bet more than you can afford to lose
  • Enjoy the winnings but concentrate on experiencing the game

Why choose Netent for your gaming needs?

Netent is a top gaming software provider and has about 2 decades of experience in this field. The brand lists a lot of online casino providers and all of them are licensed and reputed. Netent ensures the games you pick give you fair chances of winning. The brand also has a friendly customer support team to help you with your queries when you play on their platform.

How to start playing the game?

Start by visiting Netent's website and search for this particular game. You can read the gaming descriptions and look for the video trailers. Once you get an idea of how the game progresses, choose one of the casino providers who offer the game. Make your choice based on the bonuses these casinos offer. Netent will now redirect you to these casino sites and you can start playing.